Southwest Wisconsin Cemetery Mapping

In February 2015, SWWRPC completed the East Side Cemetery Mapping Project for the City of Dodgeville. This project, awarded in May 2014, supports the City’s efforts to modernize cemetery records, and reduces the time it takes city staff to manage these records. Through increased efficiency and adoption of this new technology, the City anticipates substantial annual savings and increased productivity. In March 2017, SWWRPC renewed the template and completed the Linden Cemetery Map for the village of Linden. These new services increase access to cemetery records by providing an on-line search engine that allows the public to search for the location of family members.
The East Side Cemetery Mapping project utilized a data entry clerk and two Geographic Information System (GIS) interns from the University of Wisconsin – Platteville, Katie Wiederholt and Cassie Jorgenson. Under the guidance of Project Manager Katherine Burk, Katie and Cassie collected over 8,000 data points and other personal information from cemetery headstones. The Village of Linden Cemetery Mapping project utilized the GIS specialist, Victor Teng, for data collection and updating the template. Victor collected 1615 data points and headstone photos from Village of Linden Cemetery. They then merged data with paper records entered by the data entry clerk from both the City of Dodgeville and Village of Linden. Throughout the process, the team cross-checked fields and office data, clarifying discrepancies and improving cemetery records. Lastly, headstone photos and available obituaries were attached to the cemetery database, and uploaded to online service.
Any individual interested in using the interactive website can do so through either the City of Dodgeville Public Works website or SWWRPC website. Both cemetery maps are also available on following mobile devices:
iPhone 7


Huawei Mate 9

Lenovo Z2 Pro

HTC 10

Samsung Galaxy S7

Google Nexus 10i

iPad Pro

Surface Pro 3
Those interested in using the system can contact Julie Abing, City of Dodgeville, at 608-930-5228. Anyone interested in the GIS system itself should contact Troy Maggied, SWWRPC, at 608-342-1636 or The Map and User Guider is current as of January 15, 2017.


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City of Dodgeville East Side Cemetery Map


Village of Linden Cemetery Map