SWCAP Community Needs Assessment

SWWRPC completed the 2016 Community Needs Assessment for Southwestern Wisconsin Community Action Program (SWCAP). This is an assessment that analyzes the current state of poverty in the region, as well as client satisfaction with SWCAP services. More specifically, the assessment is comprised of three forms of information, including:


Quantitative Data: Data collected and analyzed related to poverty, race, gender, and other factors for the five county region that SWCAP serves.


SWCAP Client Survey Results: A survey distributed to SWCAP clients in order to understand the needs of the community and the level of client satisfaction with SWCAP services.


SWCAP Board Member and Staff Interview Results: The results from 19 interviews, including interviews with 12 SWCAP Board Members and seven people from the SWCAP Management Team.



Through the collection and analysis of all of these forms of data came eight overarching trends/themes. In no particular order, they are:


1) The ability to change and adapt to the needs of different populations, especially the growing Latino population.


2) The overall lack of mental/behavioral health services in the region, and information on how to access services that exist today.


3) The need to retain the highly talented and passionate SWCAP staff.


4) The high costs of housing and stagnation of wages.


5) The issues surrounding food insecurity in a rural region.


6) The need for improved program marketing to increase public awareness of SWCAP services.


7) The desire/need for new and continuing skills development, training, and education for community members.


8) The many challenges associated with transportation in a rural region.



2016 SWCAP Community Needs Assessment