Project Produce


This project is driven by partners and experts throughout the Tri-State region.  Our partnerships include the following organizations:


Delaware County Economic Development and Value-Added Ag Program (IA)


Prosperity Eastern Iowa (IA)


Tri-County Economic Development Alliance (IL)


Blackhawk Hills Resource Conservation and Development (IL)


Prosperity Southwest Wisconsin (WI)


Iowa County Economic Development Corporation (WI)


Southwestern Wisconsin Community Action Program (WI)


Green County University of Wisconsin Extension (WI)


Lafayette County Economic Development Corporation (WI)


Project Produce is led by Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission.  Both East Central Intergovernmental Association in Iowa and Atten Babler Risk Management in Illinois provided additional staffing and technical expertise.  Additionally, a wide variety of producers, agribusinesses, institutional buyers, extension agents, and economic development professionals from Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin contributed to the creation of the Tri-State Local Food Prospectus.