Land and Water Resource Management Plan

The Lafayette County Land and Water Resource Management (LWRM) Plan addresses soil and water quality concerns using local, state, and federal programs. It is a 10 year (2016 – 2025) action and implementation plan that emphasizes cooperation with partners in Lafayette County with a five year workplan. The Lafayette County LWRM Plan was written with the assistance of partner agencies, including the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection; Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources; Farm Service Agency; Natural Resources Conservation Service; and University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension. Input on the plan came from a citizen advisory committee, comprised of individuals who represent a wide array of interests, include the Lafayette County Farm Bureau, local farmers and landowners, and Lafayette County Board.

In summary, the LWRM Plan outlines a comprehensive strategy for the implementation of soil and water conservation in Lafayette County from 2016 through 2025. It identifies nine critical goals for carrying out natural resource protection in Lafayette County.

  • Reduce soil erosion
  • Develop urban and agriculture stakeholder interest
  • Ensure effective nutrient and manure management
  • Ensure safe drinking water supply
  • Address water and soil quality issues in Farmland Preservation Plan and Land Use Plans
  • Promote sustainable agriculture and plan for climate change
  • Promote restoration and protection of surface water
  • Address invasive species
  • Promote sustainable forest management

Lafayette County Land and Water Resource Management Plan