Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Driftless Market – Platteville, Wisconsin

The University of Platteville Geography students used GIS to map local food producers for the Driftless Market in Platteville, and the Dubuque Food Co-op in Dubuque, IA. The class was divided into seven groups, four groups created maps for the Driftless Market, and three groups created maps for the Dubuque Food Co-op. Click here, for more information on the class project.

Each interactive map below allows the user to click on a symbol to identify the supplier, product category, miles from the Driftless Market or Dubuque Food Co-op, company website (if available), and the product.

Driftless Market Maps

Driftless Market Suppliers

Driftless Market Suppliers and Driftless Area

Driftless Market Local Suppliers

Dubuque Food Co-op Maps

Dubuque Food Co-op Local and Regional Suppliers

Dubuque Food Co-op Suppliers

Dubuque Food Co-op Suppliers (2)