Driftless Connect

Building partnerships to increase the efficiency and accessibility of transit in Southwestern Wisconsin!


 A Regional Need


Ten percent of Southwestern Wisconsin residents do not have access to personal vehicles, a significant problem for a region with a disproportionately high elderly population.  Flexible, non-traditional transit is essential for providing healthcare and supporting self-sufficient lifestyles.  At the same time, gas prices are rising and a cultural shift among younger generations makes driving personal vehicles a less attractive option than public transportation.


Driftless Connect works to improve service availability and quality to meet the needs of all people in southwestern Wisconsin.


 About Driftless Connect: Benefits to Riders


Driftless Connect is a regional network of transit providers.  These providers are using technology to provide riders with better rider experiences.  By calling one number, you have access to multiple providers, making it easier to find a ride that meets your needs.


How does Driftless Connect work?


Driftless Connect makes it easier for you to get from Point A to Point B in southwest Wisconsin and beyond!  It’s affordable, reliable, and flexible — and most importantly, it’s easy to use.


1. Call to set up an account and schedule your first ride.


2. A professional driver will pick you up and take you to your destination as scheduled.


3. Pay on the spot using cash or a credit card.  If your rides are paid for by Medicaid or another third party payer, your account will be set up to bill to the third party as appropriate.


Once you have an account, all you need to do is call back and schedule your next ride! It’s that easy.


 About Driftless Connect: Benefits to Transit Providers

Working together is a win-win situation!  Driftless Connect  improves transit service efficiency and availability in Southwestern Wisconsin by using technology to build a regional unified and coordinated transit network composed of existing transit providers.  Through this program, transit providers put smartphones into their vehicles.  A rotating dispatch system decreases inefficiencies and redundancies in routing.  Additionally, program staff work hard to market this program, opening potentially new markets to your business.


Driftless Connect  is currently a pilot project with funding available through 2013 with the goal of ensuring long-term financial sustainability. In 2013, an initial 5 providers have been selected by the Driftless Connect Board to participate in the pilot phase of the program.  The following providers were chosen through a competitive application process to participate in the program:


— Access Transit


— Al’s Trucking


— Country View Transport, LLC


— Leadership through Innovative Flexible Transportation (LIFT)


— Platteville Shared Ride Taxi


Together, these providers provide service to southwestern Wisconsin, northwestern Illinois, and eastern Iowa.


Interested in joining? Contact:

James Winters

(608) 342-1057



To receive email updates on this project please contact James Winters to be added to the Driftless Connect e-newsletter.