Data & Publications

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2014-19 (CEDS)

Timeline: Annual

Description: The CEDS is a useful document that describes the region’s economic situation, regional goals and objectives to improve the economy, and notable developments. This document enables our region to access funding from the U.S. Economic Development Administration.

Comprehensive Plans

Timeline: Ongoing

Description: Nearly every municipality in southwestern Wisconsin has adopted a Comprehensive Plan, which helps a community prepare for their future by giving direction to elected officials on issues including land use, transportation, economic development, and environmental concerns.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Timeline: Ongoing


As a service to our communities and community partners, SWWRPC maintains and makes available a collection of data for cartography and Geographic Information Systems needs. Custom maps and spatial analyses are available through special order.

Iowa County Hazard Mitigation Plan

Timeline: Adopted Summer 2012

Description: SWWRPC developed a Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan for Iowa County which allows all participating towns, villages and cities to be eligible for FEMA funds.

Land and Water Resource Management Plan

Timeline: 2014

Description: The Lafayette County Land and Water Resource Management (LWRM) Plan addresses soil and water quality concerns using local, state, and federal programs. It is a 10 year (2016 – 2025) action and implementation plan that emphasizes cooperation with partners in Lafayette County with a five year workplan. The Lafayette County LWRM Plan was written with the assistance of partner agencies, including the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection; Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources; Farm Service Agency; Natural Resources Conservation Service; and University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension. Input on the plan came from a citizen advisory committee, comprised of individuals who represent a wide array of interests, include the Lafayette County Farm Bureau, local farmers and landowners, and Lafayette County Board.

Neighborhood Association Plan

Timeline: 2014

Description: This plan provides a framework of strategies and opportunities throughout the Southwest region to implement neighborhood associations. This project was implemented through Southwest Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission’s Grow Southwest Wisconsin initiative.

Project Produce

Timeline: 2012

Description: Project Produce is exploring the feasibility of scaled-up fruit and vegetable production in the Tri-State region.  This project will result in a Local Food Prospectus , containing a market feasibility study, a facility needs assessment, and a financial plan.

Regional Housing Study

Timeline: 2014

Description: This document, Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Housing Study, specifically provides statistical and narrative data identifying a housing profile in Southwestern Wisconsin. The Study describes the current situation related to housing markets, home ownership, and affordability challenges. Nationally, changing demographics are shaping the housing market for years to come. Southwestern Wisconsin communities must realize the local demographic shift to prepare and accommodate for the changing housing markets. The emerging housing needs include: senior-assisted housing, rental housing, more low- to moderate-income housing, and multi-family homes. Each county and municipality will experience different housing needs, which will determine new policies and programs offered.

Safe Routes to School

Timeline: As needed

Description: Making places safe & healthy for our students.


SWWRPC helps make walking and biking safer throughout southwestern Wisconsin by helping communities create Safe Routes to School Plans. Once a community has this plan in place, they are more likely to receive grant money for pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure improvements.

Transit-Human Services Plans

Timeline: Five-year updates

Description: Every few years, as part of our WDOT Workplan, SWWRPC assists each of our five counties create their Locally Developed, Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plans.  Federal transit law requires that each of our counties have this plans in place in order to be eligible for transit funds.