Comprehensive Plans

Comprehensive Plans help communities prepare for their future.  In 1999, the Wisconsin Comprehensive Planning Law (s. 66.1001, Wis. Stats.) was signed into law.  This law requires that any municipality that wishes to retain land use powers (e.g. zoning) must have adopted a Comprehensive Plan.  Since that year, 142 of 154 local governments in the region have adopted a comprehensive plan.  SWWRPC authored 133 of these plans.


We are in the process of uploading all the comprehensive plans. If you are looking for a particular plan that is not available below, please contact us.


Download Comprehensive Plans

County Municipality Authored by SWWRPC Other Author
1 Grant C Boscobel (Download)
2 Grant C Fennimore (Download)
3 Grant C Lancaster (Download)
4 Grant C Platteville Contact SWWRPC for Copy
5 Grant County Plan (Download)
6 Grant T Beetown
7 Grant T Bloomington (Download)
8 Grant T Boscobel (Download)
9 Grant T Cassville (Download)
10 Grant T Castle Rock (Download)
11 Grant T Clifton (Download)
12 Grant T Ellenboro (Download)
13 Grant T Fennimore (Download)
14 Grant T Glen Haven
15 Grant T Harrison (Download)
16 Grant T Hazel Green (Download)
17 Grant T Hickory Grove (Download)
18 Grant T Jamestown (Download)
19 Grant T Liberty (Download)
20 Grant T Lima (Download)
21 Grant T Little Grant (Download)
22 Grant T Marion
23 Grant T Millville (Download)
24 Grant T Mount Hope (Download)
25 Grant T Mount Ida (Download)
26 Grant T Muscoda
27 Grant T North Lancaster (Download)
28 Grant T Paris (Download)
29 Grant T Patch Grove
30 Grant T Platteville Contact SWWRPC for Copy (Download)
31 Grant T Potosi (Download)
32 Grant T Smelser (Download)
33 Grant T South Lancaster (Download)
34 Grant T Waterloo (Download)
35 Grant T Watterstown (Download)
36 Grant T Wingville (Download)
37 Grant T Woodman (Download)
38 Grant T Wyalusing (Download)
39 Grant V Bagley (Download)
40 Grant V Bloomington (Download)
41 Grant V Blue River (Download)
42 Grant V Cassville (Download)
43 Grant V Dickeyville (Download)
44 Grant V Mount Hope (Download)
45 Grant V Patch Grove (Download)
46 Grant V Potosi (Download)
47 Grant V Tennyson (Download)
48 Grant V Woodman (Download)
49 Grant/Iowa V Livingston (Download)
50 Grant/Iowa V Montfort (Download)
51 Grant/Iowa V Muscoda (Download)
52 Grant/Lafayette C Cuba City (Download)
53 Grant/Lafayette V Hazel Green (Download)
54 Green C Brodhead (Download)
55 Green C Monroe (Download)
56 Green County Plan (Download)
57 Green T Adams (Download)
58 Green T Albany
59 Green T Brooklyn (Download)
60 Green T Cadiz (Download)
61 Green T Clarno (Download)
62 Green T Decatur (Download)
63 Green T Exeter (Download)
64 Green T Jefferson (Download)
65 Green T Jordan (Download)
66 Green T Monroe (Download)
67 Green T Mount Pleasant (Download)
68 Green T New Glarus (Download)
69 Green T Spring Grove (Download)
70 Green T Sylvester (Download)
71 Green T Washington (Download)
72 Green T York (Download)
73 Green V Albany (Download)
74 Green V Belleville
75 Green V Brooklyn
76 Green V Browntown (Download)
77 Green V Monticello (Download)
78 Green V New Glarus (Download)
79 Iowa C Dodgeville (Download)
80 Iowa C Mineral Point (Download)
81 Iowa County Plan (Download)
82 Iowa T Arena (Download)
83 Iowa T Brigham (Download)
84 Iowa T Clyde (Download)
85 Iowa T Dodgeville (Download)
86 Iowa T Eden (Download)
87 Iowa T Highland (Download)
88 Iowa T Linden (Download)
89 Iowa T Mifflin (Download)
90 Iowa T Mineral Point (Download)
91 Iowa T Moscow (Download)
92 Iowa T Pulaski (Download)
93 Iowa T Ridgeway (Download)
94 Iowa T Waldwick (Download)
95 Iowa T Wyoming (Download)
96 Iowa V Arena (Download)
97 Iowa V Avoca (Download)
98 Iowa V Barneveld (Download)
99 Iowa V Cobb (Download)
100 Iowa V Highland (Download)
101 Iowa V Hollandale (Download)
102 Iowa V Linden (Download)
103 Iowa V Rewey (Download)
104 Iowa V Ridgeway (Download)
105 Iowa/Layafette V Blanchardville (Download)
106 Lafayette C Darlington (Download)
107 Lafayette C Shullsburg (Download)
108 Lafayette County Plan (Download)
109 Lafayette T Argyle (Download)
110 Lafayette T Belmont (Download)
111 Lafayette T Benton (Download)
112 Lafayette T Blanchard (Download)
113 Lafayette T Darlington
114 Lafayette T Elk Grove (Download)
115 Lafayette T Fayette (Download)
116 Lafayette T Gratiot (Download)
117 Lafayette T Kendall (Download)
118 Lafayette T Lamont (Download)
119 Lafayette T Monticello (Download)
120 Lafayette T New Diggings (Download)
121 Lafayette T Seymour
122 Lafayette T Shullsburg (Download)
123 Lafayette T Wayne (Download)
124 Lafayette T White Oak Springs (Download)
125 Lafayette T Willow Springs
126 Lafayette T Wiota (Download)
127 Lafayette V Argyle (Download)
128 Lafayette V Belmont (Download)
129 Lafayette V Benton (Download)
130 Lafayette V Gratiot (Download)
131 Lafayette V South Wayne (Download)
132 Regional Plan SWWRPC (Download)
133 Richland C Richland Center (Download)
134 Richland County (Download)
135 Richland T Akan (Rescinded)
136 Richland T Bloom (Download)
137 Richland T Buena Vista (Download)
138 Richland T Dayton (Download)
139 Richland T Eagle (Download)
140 Richland T Forest
141 Richland T Henrietta (Download)
142 Richland T Ithaca
143 Richland T Marshall
144 Richland T Orion (Download)
145 Richland T Richland (Download)
146 Richland T Richwood (Download)
147 Richland T Rockbridge (Download)
148 Richland T Sylvan (Download)
149 Richland T Westford (Download)
150 Richland T Willow (Download)
151 Richland V Boaz (Download)
152 Richland V Cazenovia (Download)
153 Richland V Lone Rock (Download)
154 Richland V Viola (Download)
155 Richland V Yuba (Download)