The Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission works on the ground with communities in Grant, Green, Iowa, Lafayette, and Richland County to build local economies, increase quality of life, and preserve our natural heritage.  

Featured Content

Regional Transportation Survey

Timeline: Open 3-30-17 to 6-1-17

Description: A Transportation Survey is being conducted by SWWRPC to help improve the public transportation services available to you!

City of Monroe and Green County Online Interactive Bike Route Map

Timeline: 2016

Description: An online, interactive map of bike routes through Green County and the City of Monroe. This map was designed to help cyclists visit and explore this beautiful region.

Lafayette County Farmland Preservation Plan

Timeline: 2015-2016

Description: The Lafayette County Farmland Preservation Plan identifies key issues threatening productive farming and farmland in Lafayette County, and assets for preserving the county's rural and agrarian culture. It is a 10 year (2016 – 2026) action and implementation plan that emphasizes cooperation with partners in Lafayette County. The Lafayette County Farmland Preservation Plan also identifies prime farmland in the county, and those farms and farmers eligible for Farmland Preservation Tax Credits. Input on the plan came from a citizen advisory committee, comprised of individuals who represent a wide array of interests.

SWCAP Community Needs Assessment

Timeline: 2016-2019

Description: SWWRPC completed the 2016 Community Needs Assessment for Southwestern Wisconsin Community Action Program (SWCAP). This is an assessment that analyzes the current state of poverty in the region, as well as client satisfaction with SWCAP services.

City of Monroe Comprehensive Plan

Timeline: 2015-2035

Description: The City of Monroe Comprehensive Plan is an engaging guide for the community to flourish in the next 20 years. Extensive public input for the plan included Visioning Boards, a Visioning Kickoff Meeting, 14 Topic Meetings, and two Implementation Meetings. Together over 100 unique participants provided their experience and expertise during these public meetings.