The Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission works on the ground with communities in Grant, Green, Iowa, Lafayette, and Richland County to build local economies, increase quality of life, and preserve our natural heritage.     See what our partners are saying about SWWRPC!

Featured Content

Annual Meeting

Timeline: June 30, 2015

Description: Every year SWWRPC holds an annual dinner to bring together the thinkers and doers of Southwestern Wisconsin to celebrate a year's worth of work, network, and plan ahead to tackle next year's challenges.

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2014-19 (CEDS)

Timeline: Annual

Description: The CEDS is a useful document that describes the region's economic situation, regional goals and objectives to improve the economy, and notable developments. This document enables our region to access funding from the U.S. Economic Development Administration.

Driftless Connect

Timeline: 2013

Description: Improving transit service efficiency and availability in Southwestern Wisconsin by using technology to build a regional unified and coordinated transit network composed of existing transit providers.

East Side Cemetery Online Map

Timeline: 2014-2015

Description: As of February 24th, 2015, SWWRPC completed an interactive online Cemetery map that allows individuals to find family members in the City of Dodgeville East Side Cemetery.

Grow Southwest Wisconsin

Timeline: 2011-2013

Description: A three-year planning project dedicated to identifying how we can best position our region for the future.